Tuesday Night Training or TNTBOOOM!

Did you see those three fineassB’s rolling through the GGP on Tuesday night? Nope, you didn’t. That’s because we’re sneaky like Sasquatch. Team Jorts got together for our weekly team training dirt ride and took on some of the sweet, stealthy and windy trails that the most gilded of parks in San Francisco has to offer. As the first cross race draws near, the race chatter is steadily on the rise and everyone is out training in whatever park is available. True story, I saw Jon Suzuki doing laps in Lake Merritt Park behind Fairyland, practicing his run-ups. Look out old men! However, we didn’t see many people training in the park while we were out shredding. What we DID see however, were tons of stealth camps and people bedding down for the evening.


Also, the park was still megaF’ed due to the mess that was Outside Lands music festival. I mean shit was RULLY fucked up with 20 foot high fences, still erected tents, and piles of crap, ev-er-y-where! And I mean literally, piles of crap.

As Team Jorts was finishing out the night, we were doing some barrier practice and maneuvering secret trails, we came to what was to be our last run up when SPLURG. I step in something not friendly. Whatever, we get to the top of the run up and I stop on the pavement, look down and see a single square of white attached to my shoe. Shit. Literally, man shit. Along the length of my shoe AND in my pedal!

Immediately we get onto the grass, my ohsowithitteammate hands me a stick and says “Here!”  I then go to town scraping the gooiest, nastiest smelling, most tenacious shit I’ve ever confronted. Superfresh.

SometimesKlassy demonstrates the proper method of scraping man shit off your mountain bike shoe.

So a word to the wise: when shredding the gnarbone in GGP, beware the trail that requires a high level of bushwacking and the human landmines that lie in wait.

SometimesKlassy, over and out.



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