Das Arena!

Stealin’ Yer Boyfriends and I went out for another Tuesday night shred fest. Hotcha! We got to meet up a little earlier after our workies tonight because Bangable had to stay Cityside and take care of some ‘bidness’ and our aim tonight was totally easterly. After a quick stop into my boo’s shop, The Spoke Cyclery (PLUG! PLUG! PLUG!) for a quick tighten here and there, I met up with Stealin’ Yer Boyfriends and we hefted our asses up Tunnel and along Skyline–>Redwood to some sweet singular track which dumped us out onto….


If you don’t know about the arena and you like to do well at cyclocross races, you should get some Team Mustache babe or a Jortz hottie or those old men in black, red and yellow to show you the way. It’s bad ass and there’s a sick run-up to practice, cause let’s face it, you need to practice your run-ups realbad. REALbad.

SYB and I did a hot four laps and complained about our subpar dismounts and remounts but we both agreed that we are totally awesome, that cyclocross season it going to totally rule and now that we’ve all been cleared to race for another team or quit our other teams, we’re stoked cause, hey, no drama! Mo drama, mo problems.

So we wrapped it up on the Redwood trail then hi-fived and parted ways.

Great jorb Jortz!


-Sometimes kind of always barely rarely Klassy



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