Georgia Gould on why heckling is important…


(Click to check out Georgia’s blog where more hilarity doth lie, this women races for Team Luna Chix and is a Boss)

Superrad bike racer, Georgia Gould, talks about the importance of heckling at races. So, please, dear ones, when you see a Jortz on the dirt or tarmac, give a heckle like you’ve never heckled before. Not only are you community building but you are practicing some sweet heckles to throw when the time comes. So make sure it’s the Klayshnakov kind and not the potato gun kind.

For the record: neither myself, nor team Jortz support automatic weaponry or violence. We do support good ass heckles though. And sharing.

-Somtimes Maybe.


[Edit: This video is way better than the Cookie Monster one and hella more relevant. Also, you can hear some early Murphy Mack… before he learned how to heckle.]

Photo by Ted Ketai from this years Downieville Classic via Facebook



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