Team Jortz takes on Pedalfest!

Here at Team Jortz headquarters, we pride ourselves on having a nontraditional cycling team.  Our team kits are not the typical Lycra clad bibs n jersey, but some sassy lacy Sheila Moon cycling shorts, cut-off jorts and thrifted merino wool sweeter converted jerseys. We aren’t the type of ladies who go around fitting our personalities and integrity into the same, typical mold– its just not our style and we would rather focus our energy on dirt rides and getting our friends to come out with us.

Team Jortz racing kit, fully equipped with beer pocket. Booty smackin good

After a couple nights of brainstorming we decided to raise money for Team Jortz by hosting a series of events, and our first venture was selling bake goods at Pedalfest in Jack London Square, Oakland.  Two very supportive friends, Kacey (gluten free peanut butter cookies) and Yoli (Brownies) offered to bake some deliciousness for the cause.  Stealin yer boyfriens made some chocolate chip cookies and bike tubes shoelaces.  Sometimes Klassy made ginger snaps and I made chocolate chip cookies and coconut cookies.  The resistance to eat all the cookies was hard but we managed pretty good.

As Klassy and I cruised Pedalfest in our team kits we got a lot of positive responses.  People are stoked on us, maybe it was the mouth watering cookies, but I’m pretty sure we wowed them with awesome!  We ran into Born Jorts at the Sheila Moon tent…

Born Jortz, Bangable, and Sometime Klassy

Team Jortz beer koozies were also a popular item and sold out pretty quick.  Here you can see the good Reverend modeling his bibalicious Team Jortz koozie.


The bake sale was a smashing success!  We sold all our bake goodies and koozies leaving us with a good start for the Cyclocross season.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us with buying cookies n koozies!

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry.  We have plenty more shenanigans up our sleeves.

-Bangable out!



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