And the winner is…

We at the Jortz headquarters would like to award Didi Senft, better known as the Tour de France Devil, as the actual winner of the Tour de France starting from his first appearance in 1993 to his last in 2011.  Heck!  Let’s give him 2012 too.  Need not be present to win.  Since the news of Lance being stripped of hit titles, we think  you can safely cross off everyone else below him assuming they also did the dirty. Didi totally rules and if you scroll to 40 seconds, you’ll see you really can’t compete with that kind of endurance.

Congratulations Tour Devil.  Your A-Z samples are clean and you, sir, are truly Jorts material.

Sick handup, Didi!


Clean Bottle, way to take second.

Stealin’ yer Boyfrens


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