Calling all fly honeys

Do you feel like you have what it takes to be Jortz material?  Are you interested in riding dirt and racing cross this year?  Have you been known to bring the Sass most places you go?  Does the idea of wearing a pair of freshly cut denim jorts get your excited?  Well, Team Jortz has an opportunity for you!

Team Jortz is looking for an additional member for the 2012 Cyclocross season.  Each candidate must be keen on riding…like a lot.  This isn’t your grandma’s knitting circle, this is the type of knitting circle who drinks a cup of coffee, shreds some dirt, grabs a beer and then sits down with her ball of yarn.  Interested ladies must make it to at least three Tuesday Night Training (TNT) rides per month, be willing to make their own jorts and thrifted wool sweater jerseys.  We are looking for people who are STOKED for cyclocross or committed to learn.

Team Jortz is committed to being fast and helping our fellow ladies get faster.  We help each other jump barriers like freakin gazelles and descend dirt trails fast as hell.  what we are saying is…you must be awesome and dedicated to keep being awesome or get out of our JORTZ!

You in? Email us!
The idea is to get a few people who are interested in joining to come out and see what Team Jortz is all about.  A final roster of Team Jortz will be posted sometime in October.

Bangable showing her skills to pay the bills



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