Tuesday Night Training. Sutro or bust.

Tonight we went to Sutro. Sutro is special precisely because you have to climb to get to it. A.) We decided it was a good idea to climb 17th Street to get to the Sutro trails. Yum. B.) We had so much fun. Seriously, truly.
The weather is finally starting to turn beautiful. DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim to be a San Franciscan nor do I claim “to be San Francisco” but I have lived in San Francisco for 9 consecutive years. So I know some things. Like I know when the weather starts to get good in late August. I know that there is one fabulous week in early January, the tease week that reminds you, there are more sunny beautiful days in San Francisco than nasty, foggy days. True story. And tonight, in the twilight it was beautiful.

As seen from the tippy top.

Tonight was especially fun because Vanessa came out to shred with us! Yeah V! Check that moon!

The Sutro trails were awesome! Lots of sticky, muddy, switchbacks that Caitlin totally made mincemeat of–on a muthafuckin borrowed bike! For the now-time, I am also on a borrowed bike, but soon, I will build a beautiful steed of my own! We spent a good while, trading trails with a couple old mountain biker men and then found some sweet hikers to take our portrait, have a gander…

Shredders vogueing. Throwing shade on all you fool-ass fakers.

It was really, very, super, fun. Remember, Team Jorts is open to folks who want to join the team, so holler to jortsmaterial[at]gmail.com and give us a lil hello… or whatever feels best to you.

Con muchisimos bexos.

-Sometimes Klassy



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