Team Jortz Podiums at Levi’s Gran Fondo Raffle

Team Jortz will totally be represented at this years LGF.  It was a hot race with an epic finish. I attended “An Evening with Levi Leiphiemer” at the Clif Bar HQ which provided us with raffle tickets at the start.  Everyone stayed together throughout the evening whilst Dylan S. (Clif Bar pro) asked some solid questions of Levi L. (bigger pro).  When it came to the end of the night, all hell broke loose.  Levi started picking out the raffle tickets, 1 by 1 with 4 podium spots. Slowly, the spots were taken… 1, 2, 3 and 4 GONE. But wait a second, my very un-Team Jortz (but still Jorts Material) coworker’s husband had scored a spot but didn’t want it!  Stealin’ yer Boyfrens….are you interested?  I gave her a very Jortzly yes!  I’ll take it!  And to boot, my event attendance was comped for the price of volunteering 2 hours of my time which, might I add, involved about 15 minutes of heavy lifting, 45 minutes of drinking beer in a rocking chair and then about an hour of eating and general mingling prior to the actual event.


x – Stealin’ yer Boyfrens


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