That’s PROGRESS baby!

Today while riding to work from sunny, sunny Oakland to fuggin’ foggy North Berkeley, I climbed past an EBMUD truck pouring asphalt onto a small rectangle into the bike lane with copious orange cones and signs redirecting traffic into two movable lanes. Good job, EBMUD, that’s progress right there!

Then I crested the hill and descend around the hospital when what to my wondering eyes should appear but shiny new pre-markings of the West MacArthur Blvd BIKE LANE!

W. MacArthur Bike Lane @ Broadway

This beauty stretches from Howe Street to Telegraph Ave where it stops before the actual intersection and ends in a couple sharrows.

Sharrows @ the Telegraph intersection


PS: my very-super-amazing boyfriend drew these bike lanes while interning for the City of Oakland. Hey mister, thanks!
What’s your favorite bike lane?! Soon to be this one?! Prolly yes, since this stretch of road has historically been a bit perilous.


For the record, Team Jorts fully supports bicycle infrastructure.

-Sometimes Classy

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