Jortzalicious Sheila Moon Clinic

This Sunday Team Jortz had a totally rad cyclocross clinic taught by the lovely Miss Sheila Moon.  Sometimes Klassy, Stealin Yer Boyfriens and I all met at Cole coffee for some rocket fuel before headin up the hill.  We just so happen to run into the gentlemen of Missing Link before their training ride as well.  John Suzuki took some awesome photos of us en route to the Arena where we were meeting…

Team Jortz crushes all hills…

Fist pumping is the proper way to climb a hill, as demonstrated by Bangable

Team Jortz, we know how to get rad.

Sheila met us at the Arena with her pup Luna.  We set out some barriers and got to practicing, and frankly we needed it.  It had been quite sometime since I had practiced my dis/re-mounts and run ups.  Sheila had some amazing tips and totally helpful tips.  After a few laps I was already feeling better about my bike handling, although I have to say that my little pre re-mount skip is still lurking.

We then decided that a Big Trees loop was in order and I was pretty impressed with how well Luna could keep up with us.  We had some more run up practice and Sheila shared some hints for taking sharp corners.  Jealous yet?  You should be, it was a blast and we learned heaps!  Here is a port clinic picture of the gang…

Stealin Yer Boyfriens, Sheila, Bangable and Sometimes Klassy. We know how to show the dirt who’s boss.

After we left Sheila and Luna, we headed down Big Trees for a bit more dirt on our way down the hill.  Stealin Yer Boyfriens killed it on our descent which made me further realize how rad she is and how much I need to work on my dirtin skills.

We ended at Lanesplitter for some food and brewed beverages.  Sunday, you ruled!  Super shout out to Sheila with a big ol thank you for sharing your CX wisdom with us.  you are certainly jortz material.



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