CCCX #1: A Jortz Tale

Yesterday was the first race of cyclocross season (hell yeah!), Stealin yes boyfriens and I thought it would be great to A) race like the baddasses we are and B) get our first race out of the way (cause that shit is nerve racking as all hell).

We brought a couple of CX virgins who I know through palying polo, Yoli (who sponsors us with bake goods) and Will (a foreigner who doesn’t like Foreigner).

Getting ready to pop their CX Cherry

I had my own craft project to take care of by fixing Stealin’s jortz before the race.  As you can see, our training has been so rigorous she blew a whole right through her jortz.

Getting these jorts race ready!

For our first race of the year, we did pretty damn good!  It was our first race wearing jorts and I am pleased to report that we had no jorts related mishaps.  One of the racers in our catagory even told us we won best outfits, which of course we knew already.  Elle (super baddass) Anderson even told us she’s seen our blog (holla!), and Stealin promptly told her she was Jorts Material as she passed us on the course.  Here’s some sweet photos of awesome race times..

Stealin Yer Boyfriends and Bangable starting the race off strong and hauling up that loose dirt hill.

Stealin showing that dirt whose boss

Bangable’s super concentration face

Conqueror of barriers!

Flying through the air like a gazelle

Stealin is one fly honey

Bangable looking hella fly

Stealin having some post race recovery drink

Bangable dying a little bit

Much Better!

Mogwai! The half ewok half Wompa is definitely jorts material


2nd Stealin Yer Boyfriends! 3rd Bangable!

Looking damn fine after our first race

Now how about some booty dollars?  We ran out of cash really quick so we ended up doing beer hand ups too.


Finish your race with a beer!

A very jortzy beer grab

Needless to say it was a fantastic way to start the season.  Fun was had by all and many strawberries were eaten.  Thanks heaps CCCX.

Since the drive was a couple of hours for us, we thought no better place to stop than Garlic World in gilroy for some tantalizing garlic ice cream…

I’m delicious!


P.S. Edit:  Hey Steve Woo, we’re stealin’ your pictures like boyfrens.  Thanks!!

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