Rahman Law keeps us legit!

Congratulations Jorts Readers! We are now sponsored by the venerable Shaana Rahman of Rahman Law in San Francisco! Which means, you are guaranteed to be subject to our antics this season! Shaana and I met today at her financial district office in the 369 Pine building (which also happens to be one of my favorite buildings!) and had one of the coolest conversations which resulted with her joining the creme de la creme, becoming a Jorts Supporter!

This means big things four our team. It means we get to race. It means we get to connect with other ladies and encourage women to empower themselves through bike riding. It means we get to show our competitors that you can be true to yourself while still kicking ass. It means that we represent some of the best woman run enterprises in the Bay Area.

Shaana (pronounced Sha-HA-na) is great! We spent an astronomical amount of time together for how busy she must be and just kept connecting throughout our conversation. Totally jorts material. She is a woman who understands that we need to support women rising through the ranks and knows how important it is to empower other women who are fighting tooth and nail to get basic recognition for something a man would expect to unquestionably get. Also, her office is comprised of only women, a fact that I am totally in love with.

The next reason I am so stoked to have Rahman Law’s support is because she represents folks who’ve been in bicycle accidents and are in need of legal representation. Her support of bicycle safety and fairness on the road is paramount to our community.

From the bottom of our frayed out jortz, we say thank you so much, Shaana and your office of legal mavens, welcome to the team!

-Sometimes Classy



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