Mom Alert!

Been crazy over here at Jortz Palace so sorry for the lack of posts dear reader.

We just wanted to let you know that Bangable’s mom is going to be at the Livermore CX Fest with a cowbell in hand.  If you see this woman, be sure to give her a multitude of high fives…

Bangable’s Sassy Mum



One response to “Mom Alert!

  1. Gee, my best picture ever!!! Thanks Sam for giving away my favorite outfilt!!! Great fun at the race yesterday and you ROCK! 1st place, a mother could not be any more proud!! Congrats on a great race. Katie you did a great job too, 3rd place was fantastic. It was fun cheering you both on and I am in awe of the endurance it takes to even complete one lap of a CX race. You two are the best….. Bandagle’s Mom


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