TORegon 2012 or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death

SYB here, completely.  So you remember my earlier post about Toregon 2012, well, it happened, but not in exactly the fashion I so carefully blogged about.  I did indeed take the train to Klamath Falls, then rode in some hot heat to Ashland.  And I did indeed make the serious climb out of Ashland (see pic – Dead Indian Memorial Hwy) over to Ft. Klamath. But things got a little….hairy about that time.


Upon leaving Ft. Klamath, desolate as the area is despite the Civil War reenactment site…I entered highway 97 which had no stops until my days destination of Chemult.  Four lanes, big trucks, little shoulders, forest fire.  I was, to say the least, not jazzed. I made it to mile marker 239 before calling it completely quits and rerouting.  So, alas, I resumed the tour a day later starting now from Portland and headed to McMinnville for a night before making it to my semi-final destination of Corvallis.  The roads were beautiful Oregon wine country and farm style.  Occasionally, the roads were dirt and even better was the shortcut over to Corvallis which would have been much easier on a cross bike and without 35 extra poulds on me. I made it and chillaxed (as my mom put it) with pro mountain biker Justin F. (see serious result and team).  I stayed here for a few days before finally riding to Eugene to grab some Ninkasi and catch the train.  The train ride was interesting as usual – crazy hippie telling additional hippies about the time he saw Sasquatch. So it goes.

I learned a couple lessons on the trip. I should share. 

  • Use google street view for the yellow style roads.  It’s important. 
  • Use GPSIES.  It can solve all of your problems.
  • Buy a water filter. Also important.
  • Everything should be wool.

If you’re thinking about making the trek up there and need some advice, holler at a fine ass B.

California Boyfrens – I’m back! 

SYB (see bell)





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