Tuesday Night Training

My dear ones. As cyclocross season sets upon us, the time has come for intervals.
“What’s a interval?” you ask. Come out tomorrow, Tuesday night at 6PM to the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park (SF of course) and find out!

If you’re super beginner with absolutely no riding under your belt, still come out and learn some stuff, meet ladies who ride and get a lil workout in–maybe a tempo instead of intervals (also, learn what a tempo is!!!) If you’re seasoned with an interval set to your name already, come do it at the PF’s and let the communal spirit of the Jortz fill your legs, along with all that lactic acid. Ouch!
ALERT! Team Jortz is not a licensed coach nor are we the final word on training. Team Jortz HAS raced for a collective hella years though, know a thing or two about training AND vehemently support women working hard as fuck to better their cycling and their hot bods. Even if it means riding in circles and puking. Just kidding. Not really. But sorta. We can’t promise you won’t puke. We can’t promise you will. Only you can control that.

Bring your ROAD BIKES, lights, helmets (DUH.) water and a snack for after.

This shit won’t take long, maybe an hour or 1h20m with warm-up/cool-down included. I’m planning for:

30-40min warm up

interval set approx: 20-30 minutes

Cool down atleast 30 minutes. Usually pooled into my ride home.

Hope to see some fine ass B’s out tomorrow. As always, LADIES ONLY. With enough hard work we can all be as awesome as Ellen Sherrill, excuse me, Boss Sherrill.

Ellen Sherrill kills it like a boss at BASP Race #1

-Sometimes Klassy



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