Saddle Soaring!

Hi again, SYB here.  This weekend was a double header.  Saturday my saddle soared up 9,000+ feet of climbing during Levi’s Gran Fondo.  It was a most excellent ride.  Even though I was in it for the free dinner and beer since I (sort of) won a raffle, I highly recommend this ride to any.  Be sure to do the long one though.  Not only is there a dirt option (yes, obv., I took it), but you also drop off most sketchballs (including the lady that fell when she was completely alone).

Stealin’ Yer Boyfrens with thousands of Boyfrens

Sunday was the Clif Bar Epiphany Ride.  I brought sisterbear and Dustin of SuperPro fame.  It was exteremely hot and grounds for crampin’ but our saddles soared up and down the hills.  According to some cars it reached 107F! We stuck with the 50 mile option. Levi L. and a bunch of Luna Chix (Katarina, Catherine, Shonny, Teal) kicked our asses along the way doing the 90 and 132 mi options.

It was a weekend full of salt stains and crips tan lines.  I’m ready for some dirt now.

Stealin’ Yer Boyfrens!



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