All Hail your neighborhood cross party!


Steveil Kinevil of All Hail Thee Black Market fame gave us the equivalent of a binary-hi five via his sweet new post on nachos, beautiful people and of course, Jortz! Steve blogs about things like poop and fancy bike parts and sells neat things like F-U coozies. Of course we Jortz have a deep love for the kooz, so naturally, we like Steveil. Thanks for saying nice things about us!

All Hail Your Neighborhood Black Market

We crossed paths with SK #2 at the 111 Minna CX party this past Thursday where we also crossed paths with Jortz Fanboy, Derek Yarra. It’s no secret that DKYA has mad Jortz love. it’s hard to not. Just between us dirtbags though, Yarra totally wants to sleep with our team’s fleet of race bikes. I mean, I get it. I once heard about this house of bike racers on Willard Street where they had a plentiful stable of beautiful bikes and would nightly, discuss which bikes they were gonna sleep with. And then a couple years ago, there was this little gem of a film festival.

So we get it. No judgements. But I mean, don’t you have a sweet as fuck bike waiting for you back home?

Derek Yarra makes an indecent proposal to Bangable and SYB. SYB is obviously nonplussed. Bangable is entertained. Go ooon!

At the party, DKYA offered us an ungodly amount of money to sleep with our bikes. Also, where the hell did he get all that money? Maybe that team of his is more MASHpotatoes&Gravvy than we realize?!

The free shit Yarra gets.

If you follow his tumbling blog, Eat.Ride. Work.Sleep.Poop., then you know what I mean.

Later, as we were making our grand departure, we ran into this dude who had the best Yarra costume on–obviously getting ready for Halloween, he thought he’d make the CX party his sample group of beta testers. Good choice friend. We just hope it didn’t get too awkward inside when he ran into the real Yarra.

This is the guy with the rad Yarra costume– so detailed!

Alright kiddies, it’s a grande kinda ‘cross weekend. See you all the Lion o’ Vallejo and BASP NUMBER TWO!

We asked Derek if he followed the Jortz blog. He said yes. We said prove it. I guess all we have to do is wait for the pudding….

With a bullet,

-Sometimes Klassy.

One last thing! It was my big sis’s birthday a couple days ago. Happy birthday sis! Hope your Portland cake was as good as my San Francisco cake!



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