Where’s Bangable?

I know my absence from the Bay Area cross scene over the past few weekends has caused a tear or two, but NEVER YOU FEAR dear reader I assure you I am not down n out.  Its hard having several bike addictions which consume the entirety of your life and for the past three weekends I have been out playing at a few bike polo tournaments.

This past weekend was the EPIC conjunction between bike polo and cyclocross at the Los Angeles Bike Fest.  It was truly an amazing weekend of awesomeness.  The set up was rad…

The red line is the cross course of AWESOMENESS!!!

The bike polo tournament was two days with the first day being swiss rounds and the second day a double elimination bracket.  I played with two other bangin females (whom I am going to play with at an all ladies tournament next year).  Our team is called $GIRLILLAZ$ and I was pretty stoked on how we played together.

Sarah and Jackie My super fly teammates who kick ass and also take names

Check out those baller shirts too!

Saturday evening was the Women Bs cross race.  I ran up to the line just in time for the call ups.  I got many a skeptical look from the participants.  They clearly are not in the know about Team Jortz and allllllll our glory.  Plus racing in my polo helmet made me even less intimidating, but they soon learned…


I’ve had a hard time in the past at starting well in larger races, but this time I shouldered my way into a good position.  I passed a few and a couple passed me, but I was able to keep my own for the most part.  The course included the ramp from Cross Vegas and some bmx jumps.  Super fun!  I got past on the last turn of the course but prevailed with another sprint finish pass for 5th place.  That girl learned never to mess with a girl in JORTZ!


Yup, it was a fun as all hell type of weekend, but don’t worry Bay Area I will see you this weekend!




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