Dearest Readers…

Some sad news broke early this morning and then later was confirmed. Chuey, a beloved member of the San Francisco and international bike community was arrested and assaulted by the SFPD.
He was observing the arrest of 3 Latino youths in the Mission on Friday morning and was subsequently beaten by the cops after he refused to leave then taken to jail for assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. Bullshit.

Please show your support for him, however you can. Right now, Mike Martin of Mash Transit SF, is selling caps to raise money for Chueys legal defense fund.
And now from Stevil at All Hail the Black Market:

UPDATE! An IndieGogo has been set up for Chuey’s Legal and Medical fund.  Cut the beer habit for a week or two and help a dude out! CLICK ME NOW!!!!

The disgusting injustice of what happened to the nicest, calmest, most peaceable person, breaks my heart. Please spread the word and support. Like wildfire.




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