Counterpoint to N+1

Since it is the election season, I think it’s completely appropriate and necessary to rebut the previous written Jorts Material article “N+1”. The formula N+1 represents a desirable number of bikes and a consistent thought process of any cyclist. As cyclists/Americans, we are always thinking “upgrade, upgrade, upgrade”, but I’ll tell you, the fastest I ever raced was when I had about 4 bikes less.  The formula for correct number of bikes, should speed of cycling be included, must include the following:

  • Employer commute (includes traffic and location) – add two bikes
  • Amount of work travel per month – add three bikes
  • If student (including graduate) – subtract three bikes
  • Factorial – because it’s my favorite mathematical expression!

Now I know I haven’t figured out the formula quite yet, but what we’ve believed to be true in the past isn’t so.  I urge you to reconsider your bicycle count, and together we can increase watts for everyone.

Tell tale signs of being out of shape




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