Voting Holiday!

As tomorrow is the day we all pretend we have some sort of agency in picking who get’s what job and what sort of rules we want to place on ourselves.  Jortz practice has been postponed for a Voting Holiday. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I KNOW what happened the last time I skipped jortz practice. However, the motivating factors there were mainly selfish and tomorrow is mainly about being unselfish. Therefore, it’s okay.

So you go be unselfish too and please, read before you get in the polling booth. There’d be nothing worse than you thinking yourself a good unselfish person by voting yes on 35 because human trafficking is bad but “WHOOPSIES!” you find out later that is was a sloppily crafted bill by some facebook gazillionaire and really doesn’t help stop sex trafficking or human trafficking at all!*

Don’t be that person. Get edjamucated. Puh-LEEZ!

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