Team Jortz Dominates the Top Ten!!!

BAR top ten standings for Women’s B in Nor Cal, some races exempted.

Well kids. We’ve reached mid-season here in Nor Cal and the rain is finally starting to come down. Local paparazzi, Tim Argentum, has also released the Best All Around Rider numbers and we at Jortz HQ are oh so proud of the jortz representation in the top ten for Women’s B races.

A big thanks to our sponsors for keeping us lookin fly (Sheila Moon!), hydrated and with well maintained bikes (Spoke Cyclery!) and with the mega generous support of strong badass women in the community (Shaana Rahman of Rahman Law!).

But the biggest thanks has to go to all the grassroots jortz supporters at the races and out in the world! Random chants of JOrtz! JOrtz! Jortz! keep us fired up and racing hard while special call-outs to ‘Klassy and Bangable make us smile inside and dig a little deeper. Then meeting folks from faraway about-to-be bike shops like Windmill Bicycles in Austin, TX who already know us and peeps from the bike polo community showin direct love for one of their own–Sam Bell. It’s all rad. And reaffirming that you can hang out with your friends, do the thing you love, inspire people to try something new and not worry about having all the latest and greatest gear.

All you need is a bike, jortz, a sweater and the furious hunger to crush. And heckle like a fool.

Also, holler out to Liza “Born Jortz”, Vanessa the “MOney Maker” and jump-in-Jortzers Lena “BucketHead” Zentgraf and Ginger “HUnk” Jui, and honorary Jortz, MILF McNamara who rocks it with the Missing Link team! HOLLA!





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