Awww Shucks

search engine terms: “sam bell famous mountain biker”

Well thanks Dear Reader, apparently you think I’m famous!  Who can blame you really when I do have a lake in Australia named after me…Lake Sambell!!!!!

Lake Sambell!!!!!!

So, I’m calling it now.

Year: 2014

What: Bike Polo/Mountain Bike Retreat

Where: Freaking Lake Sambell

Apparently there is a good bakery that makes vego pies and a brewery there.  I think we’ll be set.  And frankly who doesn’t need a good excuse to go to Australia?




2 responses to “Awww Shucks

  1. Beechworth Bakery had one of the most amazing pies ever. Caulccoli pie was cauliflower, broccoli and cheese. With a side of amazing. Then Bridge Road Brewery was a block away serving about 8-9 top beers. Even had amazing take away chili sauce in a beer bottle! (Hint: The pie puts the chili sauce on its crust and GETS IN MY BELLY!)


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