East Bay Bombshell / San Francisco Shanghai

The first Bombshell of a six race omnium culminating in a a final race in September, the San Francisco Shanghai.What’s a Bombshell?An explosion of female riders taking their rightful place at the badass table.Each month there will be a bombshell on a different side of the Bay. Races will start off easy then become increasingly complicated. All to prepare you for the grand finale, the San Francisco Shanghai happening this September.At the end of it all the racer with the most points wins the grand prize and the glory of being the alleycat priestess of the San Francisco Bay Area! Until we throw next years omnium, of course.

How it works:

Each racer earns points according to their placement for each race they compete in. The person with the most points of all SIX races, wins all the marbles. Special recognition will go to the Fixed and Geared winner of the Shanghai. In the Omnium there will be no distinction between Fixed and Geared winners. One to Rule them All.

THIS JUST IN! If you wear jortz to your race you will earn half of a point! Each race you wear jortz, you will earn a half point for that race! Winning is rad but winning by half a point because you wore jortz is fucking mind blowing!

Bombshell #1: Oakland. 4/21/2013

Reg at 1PM
Race starts at 1:45PM
Meet at the oak tree in Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland City Hall.
$5 to race: all fees will go toward the SF Shanghai race and afterparty! Booyah!

Top Honors for First Fixed and First Geared only.

NOTE! ALL GENDERS AND SKILL LEVELS are welcome to race! However, only female racers will receive top honors and only female racers will earn points in the omnium.

ONLY WOMEN will be allowed into the Shanghai but all are welcome to the afterparty!


This is a Team Jortz Production.


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