Counting down to the new year

We have 12 days left to the new year and here is the top 12 search terms leading to yours truly:

12. Eat Sleep Biathlon – Not sure who this Yarra rip off is but Zazzle’s got their number…and they don’t even work!

11. Big ass in jorts – thinking I know who they were aiming for there…..

10. Men in dresses (also menindresses) – yup, all led to Jorts Material

9. Sasquatch steps in crap (also scraping shit off shoe, man smelling on shit, image of man with shit on his shoe, person scraping poop off of shoe) – Thanks Klassy for directing these Jortslings.

8. Jorts branco bras – Haven’t totally figured it out but I can see this going somewhere

7. Stick to Jorts – Srsly.

6. I had my bra stolen by a man – And Jorts will provide the fightin’ words to get them back

5. Sex transmitted diseases laundry facilities – Totes. PSA.

4. Fubag 200 plus I got nothing on this one

3. Is there water proof jorts – Still looking…..

2. Electrical jorts in hands an feet OR bart+simpson+porno+production – I COULDN’T DECIDE 😦

1. Sam Bell famous mountain biker – All the work we’ve put into this and now we have srsly made it!

* Spelling is true to the search term used

Yup, that concludes the top 12 favorite search terms used leading to Jorts Material.  I’m SYB, over and out.

S  Y  B


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