Our Shredding Day, the Happiest Day of our Lives

Team Jortz, along with some likeminded ladies and a boyfren’ worth stealin’, headed down to Santa Cruz for our very own Shredding Day.  We got a serious concentration of elevation in.  If we weren’t going up, we were going down, and at Demo, if you’re not down to go up, then you’re not down at all.  Based off the advice of the locals, we started with Saw Pit.  SK, fearless on her new mountain bike, let Demo know she was serious and ready for whatever comes at her.  Don’t test her or there will be blood.


We climbed back up for another round after a stellar descent and a run in with Timmy Cannard of Ibis fame.  Next up was Braille based on the good word that Tractor has seen better days.  This trail was still looking good and my Yeti rode just like any dream shredding day would, smooth along the curves with a responsive rear end.


Check out the Strava reportage: http://app.strava.com/activities/42886776


Let there be shred.

S  Y  B


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