Cross Season! Cross Season! Where art thou, Cross Season?

The cross season seems like lightyears away with September but a mere twinkle in the sky. However, the weather is finally taking a turn for the awesome and we begin to kick our legs awake and take to the roads in dawn’s early light or rush out of work at 5PM on the dot. The cherry and almond blossoms are letting us know that soon summer will be here, then cross. But until then we have the dusty trails and beautiful oak lined roads of the Bay Area to sate our hunger and quench the thirsty need for speed. Cross is a fall and wintertime sport but cycling is a lifetime sport.

Now how fucking cheesy was THAT?! Fuck it. Just watch this video and get pumped to get rad and pretend you’re Katie Fucking Compton.

PS, this video comes from Trek, visit their website if you wanna see more, I guess.

Right now Klassy.



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