Obligatory I’m Gonna Brag SoOoOo Much Blog

Earlier this year, you may have seen, I scored a few goodies…but this weekend, I got pure Gould.  I was offered the lucky volunteer position of serving as a trail guide to the annual Luna Summit hosted in the Bay Area.  Basically, it’s a bunch of rad girls (Luna Ambassadors) from all over the country that meet up with the pro Luna Chix to have skills clinics, etc. and get amped for the upcoming season.  Sure, I’ll be happy to show you around.

It all started Thursday, when the ladies came to Clif Bar and did whatever cool media stuff and prepped for their launch party.  Since I know ahead of time that this is going to happen, I talk to their host and say “I think it’s really necessary that I have a meeting with these ladies, you know, science talk” – IT WORKED.  I warned the rest of the science group that this is happening and obviously they rag on me asking if I’ll be able to talk or I if I’ll just freak out.  I agree with both arguments and then tell them the time and location.  Anyway, it happened and Georgia sat next to me and I did have to talk and I wasn’t sure if I was making sense and then all of a sudden it was over and it felt it was too quick….Oh, did I mention that Shonny Vanlandingham hung out with me in the lab for over an hour too? It felt like I was in Off Roads to Athens and I was selected for the Olympics.

Then Friday, there was a little ride along the Bay Trail, you know, me, the ladies and a few other peeps:

4.5.13 Luna Chix Ride

Then Saturday, during the actual summit, was the “Teach the Teacher” day which was pretty amazing.  This was taught by none other than my original Luna Chix hero, Alison Dunlap:



Then there is that time that I met Alison when I was a young lady Circa 2005:


Then there was that time I got to RIDE WITH HER circa 2013:


Sunday was the epic ride through Redwood and Joaquin Miller.  Alison wasn’t even scared when as we were taking this picture I told her how much I loved her when I first started mountain biking and my signed poster from her 2005 talk at Smith College is hanging up near my desk and that this is the most amazing day ever.  Anyway, tt ended up that I had to lead a small group back to the Double Tree which included Alison and Marla.  I did the right thing by leading them directly there and certainly not to my house and did get some 1-on-1 time with Alison.

I know, I know….quit talking about it already, but seriously, this was  my dream come true…slightly topping that time last year when Georgia told me I was epic (this did happen).  Anyway, here is my new most prized possession I nabbed from the weekend:


Signed by Katerina, Georgia, Marla, Catharine and Alison (on back)

Worth stealing these ladies for the weekend.  S  Y  B


5 responses to “Obligatory I’m Gonna Brag SoOoOo Much Blog

  1. Wow!!! I saw my all time hero George Hincapie table next to ours in Apsen at Ajax Tavern!!! No one believed me when I pointed out it was him!! With his model beautiful wife.. I get your enthusiasm Caitlin!

  2. Smith College? Are you a Western Masshole? Aren’t we just great? I know.

    Well done out there. Not swooning = winning.

    Serious lack of jortz though, can’t win them all.

  3. Oh yeah! Zoo Mass in Amherst! I’m from Springfield. If ever we meet, remind me to show you my Commonwealth tattoo. It’s wicked sweet!


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