Naked, Muddy, Ladies!

There’s a group of ladies way out in Colorado. They are Naked Women’s Racing. Ha-wha?! HELL to the YES! A women’s racing megateam started by three ladies who wanted more out of their racing experience and wanted to create opportunities for women in their racing community. Sounds pretty Jortzy to me. I poked through their cyclocross team page and found a video of one of their riders racing the Louisville CX champ race in the Masters 30-34 women’s race this past February. HA-WHA-WHA?! Look closely at the beginning of the vid and you’ll see none other that our very own badass MILF in her pre-Jortz phase, repping the honorable black, red and yellow for Team Missing Link.

If you recall, there was a lot of mud during the master’s races. I mean, A. LOT. OF. MUD.

No, seriously, really, super, muddy.

Mudd MILF McNamara

Good work again on that 7th place, MILF! You will always have the coolest race resume!

-Sometimes Right Now Klassy

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