Royalties – Ready to Git Rich!!

Contra Costa County hilariously used a picture of yours truly in their Bike to Work Day flyer!  I’m ready to git rich!!

Grease your Gears…Bike To Work Day 2013 is almost here!



Back in 2010, one of my BFFs from UMass, Davous Amongous Lashes, came out to visit the Bay and see the Tour of California.  This was the same week as RYB2WD!  Come on Davous, ride to Walnuts with me and you can keep going up and over Diablo.  It worked!  Unfortunately, that old man has some bad knees so he got to use the geared bike whilst I was stuck on the SS.  In any case, peeps out there was totally impressed….so impressed actually, that our photo is now featured in the newsletter without even letting me know I was such good advertisement.  Ready to cash some checks.  Check out this other photo from his visit:




S  Y  B


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