“Team Fuck-You-Dove” and Other Musings

A Response to the Dove Beauty Ad.

Here’s the original, and I agree. This ad is total bullshit. I am beautiful always and I don’t fucking need anyone to tell me that. Not Dove. Not my padna’. Not my friends. Not you.

And seriously, all of this conversation happens around us everyday. And we engage. And listen. And give it importance. We are so distracted that we don’t pay attention to things like this:

Fucked up. It makes me wanna just…

What does it all mean?

Well, motherfuckers. It means that we need to ride more cross and appreciate the world around us. Stop giving so many vapid, inane shits. Start giving a shit about the environment, yourself and your power. And read what that awesome Molly Hurford posted up on CXMagazine.com today!

…It’s Friday, everyone. Get out your jortz. It’s time to get rad!

The Inimitable Missy Giove

-Sometimes KLassy


2 responses to ““Team Fuck-You-Dove” and Other Musings

  1. it made my week that you reposted my video :). let’s keep up this connection. you’ve got a great voice. i used to race road, but then some body image stuff got to my head (having to be a stick skinny climber), and i took a break to find myself. i found lifting and ultimately embraced another body image, looking fucking powerful…. it feels good to be strong.

  2. Thanks Alex! I hear what you’re saying in regards to warped body images and road racing. It’s super common to hear healthy, regular-ass women talk about how fat they are. Even moreso with the men. Glad you found your strength! Keep fightin’ the good fight.

    In the words of some friends I know… we out here.


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