Ovarian Psycos: Ovaries so big we don’t need no balls!

The Ovarian Psyscos are not cyclocross racers. They aren’t even racers. And they sure as hell aren’t racists. They’re fucking up your basic, normal, unquestioning bullshit, regular-ass notions of where a woman belongs, what she should say, how she should act and what she should look like.

Thes Latinas, Boricas, Puertarriquenas, Mejicanas, Chicanas, Mestizas, Cholas–TODAS, are starting a movement down in LA and making a stand, claiming their space and “challenging the status quo.” Have a watch. Fall in love with what these women are doing and who they are.  And then see the movie when it comes out. But before then, check out their website:


Sometimes our ovarian cycles make us turn into ovarian psycos. As such, we invite you to ride off the stress and get a workout and connect with other wombyn on the streets of Los Angeles, all while becoming more familiar with the resources in our communities.

We are connecting dots, riding around our neighborhoods, and becoming aware of community agencies and spaces in an effort to solidify our local networks making everything and everyone more accessible for and to each other.

POLITICAL VIEWS: Feminist ideals with indigena understanding and urban/hood mentality

For more information about how you can join the brigade or become an ally, please email us at ovarian.psycos@gmail.com

Can I get a fuck yes? Fuck yes.

I would say this shit is so jortsmaterial but in all honesty, this is beyond that. This is one of the most real things happening among women’s cycling groups. Bigger than racing, bigger than punk-as-fuck vests, bigger than pink lycra. Much love to all the women out there being brazen on their bicycles, giving the world the finger. But let’s all stop a minute, stand up and take notice. This is what change really looks like. These women are superheros.

-Sometimes Klassy



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