Bombshell #3 – Get Down In Your Jorts

This past Saturday was freakin amazing!  Super good turn out and a killer day of racing.  It was the third installment of the ladies alleycat series put on by Sometimes Classy and myself.  As the races were laps around Lake Merritt, SC and I decided that we too can participate.  I mean do you guys know how freakin hard it is to throw all these bangin races and not get to race in them?

After a day full of seeding and preliminaries, we took the top two racers from each heat for a final in both ladies and men’s categories.  One of our bearded Jortz supporters, took a video of the ladies final, but unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, only got the first part of the race.  BUT it was a super close race and the group stayed pretty packed up until Christina Peck (and all her gory) had a break away on the backside.  The group didn’t get a chance to catch up to her fully before she took the win, but damn was it close.  SC did the jortziest move of cutting the last two corners for second place and I was able to sprint my way from the back of the pack into the third position.  How’s that for throwing a wrench into the omnium point spread?

Here’s the start of the race with an added jortstastic soundtrack…

The mens final had some equally stiff competition with a tight pack around the whole lake.  The overall victor of the race was Morgan ARRRRHH Allen who pulled the same move as SC and cut the corners at the end on his steel track bike beating out the super light carbon bikes.  Now that’s what we call jorts material!  Too back he wasn’t actually wearing jorts 😦

LUCKILY, I found this amazing video chuck full of men in jorts.  Crisis averted.

Bangable out.


2 responses to “Bombshell #3 – Get Down In Your Jorts

  1. Sweet. Lovin’ the jortzy soundtrack, it’s jortzatious. Wish I could have been there to spectate.


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