Nasty Jortz Does The Damn Thang

Can you spot them?!….

I wore my nasty jortz this weekend at the Menlo Park Grand Prix for the W3 and WP123 race along with my generously donated Pushbike SF kit (THANKS SARAH MURDER!). I got so many hollers at my jortz–it was almost like cross season, except that there was no one to hand me a frosty, frosty beer when I had dropped off the Pro peloton after 40 minutes and solo’ed at speed for another 20 minutes to finish the race two places above dead last. No shame in that game though, having just got back into the crit scene two months (I think?) ago, my legs have a lot of catching up to do.

This is from the W3 race. I also wore them in the P123 women’s race but there isn’t any photographic evidence to back it up, that I’ve found yet…..

Look out cuz nasty jorts are coming for you. Bein’ all up in your lycra-tight discipline, yo.

-Sometimes Nasty


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