The Flow Runneth Over


Foggy Flow

A few weeks ago we called a Jortz board meeting to step up to the cup that runneth over to shred the gnar on the newly built, 2-year- in-the-making, pump track dirt Flow Trail at Tamarancho in FFX, ah hem, Fairfax. SYB was touting this magical, insane land of red woods, dirt, big heavy rollers, steep banked corners, a a pilgrimage to ride said Flow was born. In the name of dirt and SYB’s birthday, we, the Jortz rode to The Flow…

8:20something AM, Sunday

Jortz mobile

Jortz mobile

SF woke up its usual self, all foggy eyed and whatnot, and as I got on Bart I meet up with my fellow Jortz (and pre-ride caffination), I realize now that, as a relative newb to MTB, I had really no idea what was in store for me that day. At Cole Coffee, the usual denim clad suspects roll up on fatty tired, dirt guzzling hardtails and full squishy bikes. We load up the Jortz mobile (aka Stealin Yer Boyfriends babe magnet) in the unoffic-offic Jortz loading zone @ CC and blast outta that joint like LED lights on golden jortz.

Over the bridge to Fairfax we go, meeting up with the one and only Ginger Jui, of banana peel notoriety, in downtown FFX…who wins ultimate style points for shredding like a boss in her silky bow-printed tank and Indie Fab fuck yeah touring/MTB bike.

After an hour or so of scenic climbing, with very few fellow visitors, except the 40+ boy scouts (no joke), we finally arrive at the source of which the dirt trail bounty came.

Top of the Flow

Bangable checking the Jortz cam on SYB at the top of Endor


Dirt & rubber.

Results of 2nd flow

After the Flow

Riding the Flow trail, aka Endor, was pretty epic, and yes, there was blood. Seriously though, there were loads of volunteers involved with making this trail happen, who are rad and a huge thanks for doing so.

You can feel rad too, right through the interwebs by peeping their dets HERE or feel the wrath of these 4 fierce woahmans real time shredding in Whistler. gah gah gah.

Dirty Jane vid

Endover & oot




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