Drink up — at the Kickoff!

The Sports Basement's Brant St. location is having a CX party.... with free beer...

The Sports Basement’s Brant St. location is having a CX party…. with free beer…

Last year when Team Jortz went to the CX Kickoff party at the Sports Basement, this happened…

Don’t miss out on the fun this year! Contrary to traditional party knowledge, get there early for maximum beer drinking and because Sports Basement will shut down the party at 9PM sharp, in that really awkward turning on the lights at 2 A.M. kind of way. Also, don’t try to make jokes with the staff who are still working while you’re boozing, they will hate your guts and tell you so with their eyeballs. Unabashedly. Also, beware that wizard guy–he might try to put an evil curse on your cross season with his disapproving eyebrows. Other than that, can’t wait to see you all there! Party on Wayne.

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-Sometime Klassy



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