Jortz v. Cross Vegas

I was chatting with the one and only Banga-Bell this afternoon and we were talkin about our first races of the season. She mentioned she was gonna race the upcoming SacCX race and I said I was thinking probably BASP. I’ve still got a few more drills to do until I really feel “ready” for cross. Well, I had also signed up for the USAC Womens race at Cross Vegas thinking I’d get the needed upgrade to meet the cat 1-3 requirement. I am a cat 3 road racer after all. So, going off outdated information on the website (thanks Guys) I applied for my upgrade thinking it was a slam dunk but then was rejected, being told the rule I was citing was out of date and a new rule in place rendered me ineligible for an upgrade. Fuck. Well enjoy that 50 bucks, USAC, atleast I’ll get my team name on the national start list. I started to think of it as an advertising cost.

Then, I did something I should’ve done a month ago. I emailed registration and asked if there was any way I could race, to which they replied:

Holy shit….

I don’t know who’s less ready, Cross Vegas or me. Either way, this is gonna be fucking rad.

Here I go, nasty Jortz or BUST.

-Sometimes Klassy



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