It’s Finally Here!

That’s right dear reader, cyclocross season has come and it wants to make sure you’re all wet for it!

MILF and I decided that our first race of the season was going to be at Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville as part of the Sacramento CX series, this past Saturday.  It wasn’t a very technical course, which made me wanna go hella freakin fast.  Check it…

No run ups, just a couple of barriers = ride fast all the time!

No run ups, just a couple of barriers = ride fast all the time!

During my warm up, I decided that since it wasn’t raining, but the course was a bit tacky from the night before, I was going to race with my tires at a higher pressure.  MILF planted to seed of using her big ring for most of the course, and I thought I’d give it a go.

Once the horn blew, I had a great start off the front of the pack and held a commanding lead for most of the race.  Then I crashed into one of the turns before the barriers and it HURT, but I was all full of race adrenaline that I got back on my bike.  As I was still in my big ring, it took me way longer than it should have to get back on that sucker and pedal pedal pedal.  I tried my best to keep my lead, which luckily I still had at this point, but the rain was coming down real real hard by now.  My bike was slippin and slidin all over the place, stupid me, filling up my tires p with all this glide inducing pressure.  Mud was getting everywhere and I was hurting.

Exhibit A: Suffer Face

On my second to last lap, I saw someone catchin up and I kept trying to haul as much as I could until I hit the corner right before the start/finish line, and maybe…just maybe I took it a little too sharp and fell again.  Only this time it was in horse shit, which subsequently got in my brake lever which was now facing an odd angle.  My lead wasn’t enough to hold it this time and she past me and I was unable to catch up on our last lap.  So SECOND IT IS for my first cross race of the season.  Shivering and covered in mud, I took the podium and got a cute lil medal…

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

But enough about my race, I’m sure many of you Jortz fans are wondering what kind of craftiness you can get into with your left over jorts material.  Well, here’s your answer…

Denim Jean Bowl!





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