Top 5 Moments @ Interbike 2013

1. Jortz Skinsuit 

What better, dirtier place on the planet to unveil the 2013 -2014 Jortz skinsuit; Las Vegas. Soft to the touch, breathable to a finite degree, the jortz skinsuit is guaranteed to make friends and frenemies, win adoration and hand-ups while shattering confidence in todays youth and their choice in denim fashions.


Sometimes Klassy looking extra special in this gem of a shot taken post race.


Note the bedazzle Navajo inspired medallions sewn onto the collar.

2. Sometimes Klassy making waterfountain podium with Ben Jacques-Maynes @ Cross Vegas


Post race, BJ-Mayne spotted the jortz skinsuit for some skinsuit consulting. He was about 1 million hours early (read: 4 hours) for his race in the Elite mens where he contemplated going back to the hotel (read: overstimulated hell that is the Vegas strip) to get caffeine and his official skinsuit. We suggested a nap under a tree.

3.  Whisky

This happened.


4. Junk in the Trunk

We met these 2 crazy, wonderful birds who just launched their Kickstarter of good looking lock-able trunk (read: boot) for your bike. Buca Boot is the name, and they can from Mass just to tell us aboot it. Watch the video and if you want a secure way to keep shit on your bike, support these entrepreneurial women.


5. Money Maker feeling up Ryder H

Oh you know, Marge, just a couple of hosers hanging aboot at the bike show, eh. One just happens to looks better in jortz than the other, has an affinity to making peace signs as an awkward reaction to things such as below, where at the time she had just tried too many SportBeans, while in a conference center environment. Voila. Money Maker isn’t that short, but Ryder Hesjedal is that tall (read: grasshopper)


Yup, there you have it dear readers, the Jortz Top 5 Moments of Interbike 2013. See you next year, yo.


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