To Saris, a love story

It was about 10 years ago, I got my first bike rack. Yes, one would think that I owned a car, but indeed I did not.  As I was beginning to race, I understood the need to drive my bike around when it came to race day.  Since, well, I don’ t know what kind of car my bike rack is going to go on, I was left with only one solid choice.  Enter the Saris Bones.  This rack took me to parts of New England I never would have imagined myself going prior to racing. What came with racing was everlasting memories, hot legs and possible frost bite. Each sticker I slapped on it built the sentimental value.  As the years aged the rack, I encountered the obvious wear and tear.  Saris was there for me, ready to customize my colored replacement parts.

On August 30th, as I sit in my second home which most call YVR (Vancouver airport), I received a phone call that my car had been stolen.  My immediate reaction was shock and a bit of disappointment.  It then turned into excitement as I realized I might not have to pay for insurance or the rusty parts the mechanics claim they can no longer fix until it falls off.  Yet, one week later, the California Highway Patrol called me and informed me they found Greenie and he was by the Oakland Airport. A few hundred dollars later, I had him back, rack-less, the worst of the possible situations.

Enter Saris:

Dearest Saris agent,

We hung our helmets a little lower last Thursday as the return of the Honda didn’t come back quite as it used to be.  It all started last Friday when an innocent Civic was parked on the street in Oakland.  Hooligans/rebels/mutineers roamed the dark streets and took what did not belong to them.  Nearly a week went by before I heard so much as a peep.  Finally, the impound lot called angry and requested ol’ green to be recovered.  I hitched a ride over to a bared up building and $270 later I had my car back to find him naked and alone.  Thankfully, there was just enough gas to make it to the station where I began the healing process.

I guess what I’m saying is, my custom colored Saris Bones was stolen from inside the trunk of my car. This was the official team car of Jortz (you’ve probably already heard of us).  Now we are stuck sans transportation to one of the most important bike seasons, cyclocross.  In exchange for premier marketing space on our supporters tab, are you interested in providing a replacement rack to ensure our appearance at the races?  We are 7 crazy strong women when combining fitness and personality.  Since our evolution in 2012, we have dominated the internet having 29,000 views in about one year.  We can also serve as a form of advertisement to your liking (host events, etc.).

Please consider our request or at least read our webpage on the regular.  It’s a real gold mine for pleasure reading material.


Saris enters:

Caitlin! Say it isn’t so!! I remember your request from back in the day with the crazy green and gold color scheme. Since that time I have moved out of Customer Service into the role of a Product Manager for PowerTap and CycleOps. I, however, am willing and able to help you out 1) because of your amazing story 2) the team name “Jortz” and 3) the 7 ladies of Team Jortz with enough women-torque to create tornadoes and earthquakes!

Now the thing is I don’t think I’ll be able to get you the multi-colored Green and Yellow bones rack you seek. So I ask you this very important question….WHAT is your favorite COLOR!

Do let me know such important information and I shall use my special powers to secure such a treasure for you and Team Jortz!


Saris is a true gem and I thank you for continuing my ability to drive my bike around when necessary.

I chose orange.


S  Y  B



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