Buckethead puts the “Ho!” in San Hose

Race Report: San Jose Cougar 10/7/13

In Murphy Mac’s inaugural race in the new Norcal.CX race series, the sun was fucking hot, the trails were dry, and trees were scarcer than jorts on a roadie. There were a handful of “what the fuck?” run-ups (read: walk briskly), some off-camber loose dirt shit that sent arm skin flapping on even the most ripped racers, and fun turning and bike handling. Hecklers hill was a decent turn out, with familiar Chica Sexy & friends spraying water to Jortz & friends riders too.


With the Women’s B’s race kicking off @ 12:30pm, I opted for my training trailer park tanks in lieu of the wool.

Money Maker @ San Jose Cougar

I guess I got lost in a tumble weed, and missed the start of the race. Swell. So starting from dead last, wiping out, contemplating stopping, kept going, rocked the off camber loose dirt descent like a boss and called it a day. You know who else called it a day, for SHREDDING like a boss the WHOLE time? Our very own BUCKETHEAD; aka Lena and took 1st place on the podium. This is Lena’s second podium of the season. Daaaaaaang!

Takes 1st place @ San Jose Cougar

Takes 1st place @ San Jose Cougar

Ms Lena rocked the B’s and came first! JORTZ JORTZ JORTZ! You’re my hero Lena. Big ups (yes I said it) to Kristina, bad ass track racer who came 2nd, and roadie turned CX racer Kristen Sblendorio.

We’re still dry hacking from the dust. Good times.

See y’all this weekend @ Surf City!

– MOney MAker


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