Proof Positive. BASP #3 and Evelyn Stevens.

I’ll do Ted Ketai the kindness of simply linking to this awesome photo and not screenshotting it because I think he could actually get some dough from Specialized for this shot, it’s so good!

It happened and she was there. As a lady-pro-fan-girl, I’m not embarrassed to say that I did go up to her sister and awkwardly ask, “uhh, can I meet your sister?…” Apparently she was “at the car changing” but seriously, who goes to the car to change? Pros do. Anyways, I didn’t get to meet the famous Evie Stevens. Too bad. I’ll just have to stalk her until I do, rumor has it she’s basecamping in San Francisco for the off-season!


-Sometimes Klassy, right now, Super Dorky.

PS, I’m not really gonna “stalk” her.

PPS, I might just “run into” her.

PPPS, Seriously, I won’t stalk her. Is she freaked out yet? Is it weird yet? I can get weirder. I won’t. Okay. HAHAHA….. yeah… not classy.


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