The 2014-2015 Calendar is up. Who’s ready to get CX-EY?!

When it comes to sports, few things excite me more than when the season calendar is posted. I get a giddy, seeing old favorites and exciting new additions, wondering how much pain new venues will bring, musing on the possibility of rain before November. I know those predictions of El Nino winter have been softened to “fat chance, California. Now stop watering your lawns already!” But a girl can hope. What’s new? Who’s returning? And what’s different? Let’s take a look and see!

Same ol’ same ol’, racing starts in September again, with a new series brought to you by Red Kite Racing. At the time of writing, there’s no info about the details on their website other than, “Races every Saturday starting September 13th!” They put on a cool road race series two years in a row now and I would expect honest to goodness dirt crit-ting in the Tri-Valley Area and maybe USAC sanctioning. But since there’s little to info on the NCNCA or RKR sites, we’re left to speculate like assholes. Their last posted race is on December 6th. I’m excited and oh-so-curious to see what Steve Rosenfield (I assume!) and his team have in store for us!

Also new this season is the BASP #1, on September 21, Grand Prix Clark Natwick. What does that even mean?! Who the hell is Clark Natwick?! Oooh. Apparently Tom and his gang, (what’s that great saying ah yes!) slathered some lipstick on the pig! The GPCN is the tried and true Candlestick venue! Grumble if you will but I genuinely like the ‘Stick. This first of four races is USAC sanctioned but seems like the only one, so get your grumbling done NOW and show up on raceday not crowing about how SURPRISED you are that USAC is there. They’re gonna be there. Get over it. Our favorites, Sierra “Rut-Infestation” Point and Coyote “the one true cross venue in the Bay Area” Point are still on the calendar (gracias a dios) along with another Candlestick in between. Rest in Peace, Golden Gate Park. You shall remain in our hearts forever (and fuck you SFParks&Rec, How much $$$$ did Outside Lands give you in order to destroy the park this year?!?!) One jortzer who shall remain anonymous only races BASP, she boycotts a certain Irish-ish named promoter for his lack of equality in women’s field options. Chapeau to you jortzess! Naturally, the BASP series is JORTZ APPROVED.

By Ted Ketai

Moving on…

The Sagebrush series is happening in the Reno, NV and Truckee, CA area, God’s country! I have nothing of value to say about the Sagebrush series, as I’ve never participated in any of their races. Do you? Comment below! Their series kicks off September 27th and ends November 22nd with five races in three months. That’s attainable for all you mountain people who might not be into the coastal cross hegemony.

Back on the coast, Momma Mary P. is holding her famous Surf City CX series again. Please never let this die, Mary. Team JOrtz looks forward to the Halloween race, every year. And now that Ben JAcques-Maybe has started helping with course design, it’s absurd that anyone forgoes these races at all. It looks like there are exactly three races on for this year. I’d say hit em all. Especially if BJM is taking time out of his busy Jamis-Haggis-Birdman schedule to help design the courses again. Surf City’s website is also woefully not up to date at the time of writing. What is UP with you race promoters!? I know, I know. It’s a thankless job. But Mary Perez never disappoints. This series is JORTZ APPROVED!

by Jeff Namba

by Jeff Namba

This just in, the Sac CX crew is hosting District Champs this year to round out a 8 race series! The NCNCA calendar only shows seven races but their website boasts eight. I’m not really sure who to believe here. Apparently the series is being run by some new folks this year and not Jeff Namba and the Gheto CX family and Stace Cooper (Do NOT cross Stace Cooper, she will fuck you up. I heard she eats a baby rhinoceros for breakfast and washes it down with the blood of ten virgins, everyDAY). No-DUH, district champs is USAC-ified, can’t really say for the rest though. Seems likely?

Speaking of Stace, Gheto and the Gang. They’re back in action with Wednesday night pick-ups. Now with two locations for your pleasure! I’m just gonna go ahead and say this is a JORTZ APPROVED pre-season activity given the homepage of their website. I don’t think we need much more discussion on the matter.

Thankfully Carlos and his band of party-makers have their shit together. The Santa Rosa cup is happening again this year with THREE DIFFERENT VENUES! DAaaaaaaayUM! Also, they have their fancy Rhesus timing/scoring system which might be reason enough to make this the series you target this year. Seriously, where would the Nor-Cal dirt community be without Bike Monkey. Thanks dudes. This race series is JORTZ APPROVED.

There of course are more serial cross races happening in the Northern California region, like Fresno County Cyclocross and the NCCX (Nor-Cal Cyclocross, a misnomer as it’s really another Bay Area series but would never dare try to wrest the name from Tom). Their website still reads last year’s schedule. Hopefully Murphy gets that taken care of soon. Fresno County has no apparent website up and running yet.

Again Central Coast Cyclocross wins “longest series of the season” award.  CCCX is offering nine races in five months!Their series kicks off September 7th and ends the marathon on January 18th. Historically these guys do the USAC thing, so if you’re looking for upgrade points, this might be the place for you. It is also my opinion that CCCX is one of the most reliable series of the whole season. I don’t usually hear about race cancellations or “oops, we forgot to get the permit/insurance/sponsors!”  Seems as though the Elite, B and C women are all going to go off at the same time but race for different durations. I’m interested to see how they accomplish that while mitigating frustration and confusion.

It should go without saying that all opinions herein are subject to being called out as total bullshit. Did you happen find some bullshit? Tell us about it below! Happy training and racing y’all!





2 responses to “The 2014-2015 Calendar is up. Who’s ready to get CX-EY?!

  1. CCCX has run all the women’s field at the same time for at least a year. But so does Surf City. Some courses it’s not a problem, but in courses with longer narrow sections, it can become frustrating for both the passer and the passee. I’m still not sure what the best solution would be. Ideally we’d have big enough fields for them to give us two race times, but alas.

    • Alas indeed. I’d like to see all women’s field race for 50 minutes. Why should the C’s and B’s not get the same amount of time as the Elite women? Seems like the leader lap would take care of any “run-ins” at the finish anyways.


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