Know your Trails: A very Jortzy time.

It’s Monday, and I know–you’re already bored at work. Maybe you’re not. And if that’s the case, congratulations because you’ve got a hot steaming pile in your inbox, don’t you? Soooo yeaaaaah. Going forward. We’ll circle back to that later.

Team Jortz (inspired by jortz) took a crew of six ladies, including two jortzen (to make EIGHT TOTAL!) on a ride up to our home court, the East Bay hills. The ride started at a respectable 10AM and we climbed into the foggiest morning I’ve yet to ride this year. That should tell you that I haven’t really been riding very much. I was thankful for the cool air because if the mercury had risen any more, my woolie jersey would have began to inspire the group to ride just a touch faster in order to not bear the stench of my garment. Which is too bad because this fine, high end jersey really is a thing of beauty and I would really love to wear it without offending people. It’s that bad.

Stinky jersey aside, the ride was awesome. Our crew was a lovely mix of speeds and ability, the kind of mix that keeps the flow nice and the pace enjoyable. Stealin’ yer Boyfrens lead us on a perfect flow of trails and stopped at all the crucial junctures to make sure that we not only made the turn but knew the name of the trail we were turning on to! Whattagal!

Lookout ladies, she'll steal your boyfriends with the clasp of a helmet!

Caitlin’s so hot, she’s a critical fire area.

Shit flowed beautifully.

Quadzilla takes the last technical bit of Big Trees Trail like a boss.

Quadzilla takes the last technical bit of Big Trees Trail like a boss.

Next time we hope even more ladies come to ride with us! Thanks to all who joined us! You are all jortz material!

Tunnel Road, a feast for the senses. Except Highway 24. That thing blows.


-Sometimes Klassy


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