We Went a Huntin’

#TBT to the one about two weeks ago, the team players soon to be formerly known as SYB and Bangable headed over to get wasted on science with a one Marian Hunting, senior general badass, twice decorated. Whilst perusing the fine displays at the Academy of Science, the Team Jortz members proceeded to get our local wrench well above the legal limit*.  At this point, we completely took advantage of her.  Thankfully, none of us remember too many of the details. Our convenient memories did not fail us in for the ones where the lovely lady agreed to wrench at the races, heckle hard, and I think I remember something about a 9 person van to transport us in style…and whatever else it need be used for.  Welcome aboard Marion, or shall we say welcome Ivana Screwdriver.

*Proper cx training is all encompassing



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