Fresh bLUd! Join JORTZ!

by Ginger Jui

by Ginger Jui

Team Jortz is currently looking for new members to join the team. If you are interested in riding dirt while appropriately attired (denim jortz (NO JEGGINGS OR DENIM PRINT LYCRA!!!!) and woolie sweaters (NO sweet vintage wool jerseys!!!!) from the thrift store) then give us a holler.

You don’t have to be crazy fast, an “A” racer or hella yoked. Infact, no previous cross experience necessary, we can teach you some things. Mostly you should: want to have fun, want to race atleast 5 races a season, want to heckle or give hand-ups, want to go on irregular group rides with the team, be nice AND sassy, not be afraid of challenges but want to grasp them with both hands like your bubbie might grasp your cheeks and tell you that you’re too skinny and should eat more.

Team Jortz is a women only, San Francisco Bay Area team.

If you’re interested in joining our ranks, please send us an email to jortsmaterial [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll go from there.



Team Jortz


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