Annadel: Confirmed Painful on Single Speed

The weekend before last was Bike Monkey’s famous Annadel mountain bike race. I have taken this challenge before, but this time the gears were gone. I felt really good the whole time and managed to destroy myself properly (read: saw Jesus). How do you get to feel so good on a mountain bike? Let’s take a look at my race prep.
Thursday: JNO (Jortz Night Out), we managed to score a groupon for Albatross ($12 for $30 worth of booze – yes, please!). We conducted secret Jortz bidness over not one but a top secret amount of pitchers that me and my Nuun know about. Oh yes, and we followed this up with a party that was out of this world…think Carl Sagan…or Peter Sagan for out of this world legs.

Friday: Rest, like it’s a Strava segment I can QOM. Run errands. Nap. Go to evening Giants game and stay up ‘til midnight.

Saturday: Get up at 5, meet carpool at 6, get to race waaaaaaaaaaaaay to early, get ready for said race, realize I still have 30 minutes until the start, nap the shit out of 20 of those minutes, hop out of car extremely relaxed and race.
Not only did I take about 20 minutes off previous years’ time, but I started even further back due to the 4 mile flat pavement cruise through town on a single speed, which also meant I got even more racer bottle necking…not quite the bottle neck I wanted.

Looks like it’s officially time for cross for me. Thanks Bike Monkey for a wicked good time.

Note the full body dirt from my face plant. Minimal blood, maximal bruise.




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