Oh yes!  We had another!  It was rad and awesome and we’ll be stoked to do another one!  Do you have any requests?  Post it on the Team Jortz FB page.  Here is a brief recap: we railed tunnel hard*, shredded Tilden**, no sleep ‘til Richmond***!  And here is the Strava which means that it definitely happened.  Thanks again ladies for making it happen. In the lineup for future rides are a day with the flat trails (an after-school special – Cesar Chavez, secret dirt, and that weird sound garden unit off the Bay Trail on a weekday). The second idea is epic with a nearly all inclusive EB southern park system. I’m talkin’ Joaquin/Redwood/Chabot and then back via the hilarious placed single track down Skyline. More to follow when dates are set.


The jort formerly known as SYB








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