Cross Vegas

Keeping in line with my string of poor prerace practice (you might remember my sleeping until the gun goes off at Annadel….Oh! and did I mention how I hit a car on the way to the West Sac GHETO cx race?  Well, I did and it was a parked Prius…with a man inside…and his child…did I also mention he is a laywer…yes……ouch*) here is a top line recap of Cross Vegas.  I put a feeler out on Facebook (yes! I joined Facebook!) and my old compadre, Dave from Vanderkitten, said he would bring a bike out to Cross Vegas for me since I conveniently was headed to Interbike for work.  Well my prerace ritual continued. I raced DFL Tuesday night only to realize my cleat was toast.  I woke up early Wednesday and replaced it then flew to Vegas to race later that day. I got the bike a few hours before my race, threw on my nearly brand new pedals, raised the seat, and hopped on to slay some fine ass b*tches. I managed 5th and was stoked when I researched places 1-4 only to find that at a minimum, 1st & 3rd place race in the elite division.  And even more important, I beat my coworker, Remington.

Unfortunately, I only found one picture as evidence, but these pictures of Underbike are a little bit more hilarious.  So it went down like this:


My coworker, Amber, joined in for some Underbike fun. (Photo links to Stevil’s album)


I worked on my photobombing hard core.  I’m happy to see Stevil appreciated it. (Photo links to Stevil’s album)


Blue Baller

*To follow up on West Sac, I was crushing it in womens single speed until I got a flat at which point, the nicey nice Erin from Vive Le Tarte allowed me to borrow her fiancé’s SS (slightly too small)…and her shoes (slightly too big) so I could complete the race.   She rules.  I managed 2nd. Oh, and the lawyer’s car, he’s willing to trade for Clif Bars instead of paying for the damage.


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