Jessie Spano AKA HOT MAMA Beats Valley

There’s a new Canuck in town, officially Jorted, nickname TB MF’N D.  For today, we’ll refer to her as Jessie Spano, Hot Mama or Emily Sportsman of the year. We’re happy to have this international superstar on our team. Earlier this week, we got up front and personal about her recent slaying.

Hows about some pros and cons about your recent slaying in Vallejo:


Pic from S Sportsman


Race: The one in Vallejo

Conditions: Too damn hot. This is supposed to be a winter sport.

Jort selection:  Old Navy 75% off clearance rack. 5 inch inseam.

Pro: My mom came to help wrangle our 2 year old.

Con: Turns out, even at my advanced age, you still get bummed when your mom doesn’t stick around to watch your whole race.

Pro: They held the Masters start for me. I almost missed it as I was at the finish line talking to one of the organizers. The As were already off the line before I got there.

Con: Getting the Jortz! call out from the other women as they held the race start for me. me dipshit.

Pro: My heart rate was still high from almost missing the start so I got the hole shot.

Con:  Seeing stars from taking the hole shot.

Pro: Starting to catch the back of the As during the first full lap.

Con: Seeing stars from catching the back of the As during the first full lap.

Pro: The guy at the bottom of the chicanes with the water sprinkler.

Con: Getting passed while under the sprinkler.

Pro: I passed her again.

Pro: Getting the Jortz! call out from people I don’t know.

Pro: Won the masters class. 6th or 7th woman overall, I think.

Con: The registration people left with all the prize envelopes.

Con: And it was supposed to be cash podium for masters (i.e. beer $$ for the next race).


What about some words on that one that was at Valley High White Hill School?



Pic from J Suzuki

The course: more technical dirt than some short course mountain bike races.

 It was fantastic racing, good sized women’s fields (including 2 world cup racers!!) but still too damn hot. I missed my goal of not getting lapped by Katerina Nash or Rachel Lloyd. They were putting over a minute into me every lap. I finished 6th overall and first Masters 35+ As.


And how about that next day when you slayed it again:


Pic from S Sportsman

 The Bike Monkey race up near Santa Rosa on Saturday was completely different.  Much smaller fields, very tight and numerous chicanes, no climbs and few open places for passing or power.  Lots of standing and sprinting for 4-6 pedal strokes after each corner.  Excellent podium swag and small fields….. just sayin’.


Oh, and yes, she won that one too. Cue Master . We’re so excited to have this master on our team. This mama isn’t exactly addicted to caffeine pills like our beloved Jessie Spano, but she sure does race like it! We’re also super stoked to hear that the crowd has welcomed her in traditional fashion: Jortz chanting + Jortz lovin’.


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